João Crespo

5 Sep 2012

João Crespo is Professor of Chemical Engineering at Universidade Nova de Lisboa  (NOVA), Portugal, where he is Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation. He is former Vice-President of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portuguese National Science Foundation) and former Academic Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at NOVA.  Professor Crespo is a member of the editorial board of Journal of Membrane Science, Journal of Biotechnology, and Desalination and Water treatment.  He is also a founder and member of two university spin-off companies. Research interests: Membrane separation processes; Membrane bioreactors; Process monitoring.

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Membrane Engineering in Bioprocesses

This lecture will discuss the development of membrane solutions in several bioprocesses. A particular emphasis will be given to the development of cellular membrane bioreactors – both pressure-driven and Donnan dialysis controlled bioreactors – as well as the use of enzymatic multiphasic membrane reactors / contactors for enantiomeric resolution and capture of carbon dioxide.

The development of membrane processes for the recovery and fractionation of target biological compounds – small bioactive molecules and proteins – will be also presented and discussed. On-line process monitoring will be discussed, namely using non-invasive molecular probing techniques.