Andrew Boam

31 Aug 2012

Dr Andrew Boam is Technical Director at Evonik Membrane Extraction Technology Ltd. (EMET), with responsibility for development of processes and applications utilising OSN membranes. He obtained both his MEng and PhD degrees from Imperial College London. In 1996, following one year of post-doctoral work, he was one of the founders of EMET with Prof. Andrew Livingston. In his 15 years with EMET, he has been involved in the development of membrane-based technologies for both environmental and production improvements, and responsible for pilot and industrial installation of these technologies. In the last 5 years, his team has focussed on the development and use of organic solvent nanofiltration membranes across many sectors of the chemical process industries, particularly the Pharma, fine chemicals and natural products sectors. He is a co-author of 20+ referreed journal publications and articles, and is co-inventor of multiple patents. He regularly presents on the topic of organic solvent national nanofiltration at national and international conferences.